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Our software solutions focus on People Experience to help free your finance, HR and project teams to spend more time focusing on what matters: helping your clients realize value through the right technology.

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Innovate and Deliver Value Through People-Centric Processes

Grow your business through constant change and complexity
and deliver transformational work for your clients.

Adapt and grow with a dedicated solution for the forecasting, management and planning of your finances, people and projects: industry-leading software for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A).

Win more business

  • Real-time, centralized data for strategic planning.
  • Reference models and CRM integration for quick project setup.
  • Integrated and streamlined workflows to manage complex client engagements.
  • Single source for all clients to deliver consistency through the lifecycle.
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Optimize utilization

  • Planning tools to assign the right talent to the right clients.
  • Monitor real-time data and adjust forecasts automatically.
  • Smart recruiting, engagement tracking and pulse surveys to promote wellbeing.
  • Easy to adjust organizational structures to optimize teams.
Screenshot illustrating how Unit4 solutions help firms to forecast and optimize their resources

Bill with precision

  • Smart invoicing technology reduces human error.
  • Key indicators for billing process and Work In Progress (WIP).
  • Centralized data and consolidated billing to ensure consistency of pricing from quote to invoice.
  • Track paid, unpaid and unsent invoices centrally and update forecasts.
Screenshot illustrating how Unit4 solutions help firms to bill with precision

Execute with profitability

  • KPIs show margin leakage to scale back completion time or reduce costs.
  • Track from a program level down to specific client engagement details.
  • Integrate time/expense management, on web and mobile.
  • Create baseline budgets and store revisions separately.
Screenshot illustrating how Unit4 solutions help firms to execute profitable projects
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The Unit4 Professional Services Model

Discover how Unit4 helps Consulting firms get up and running twice as quickly – to plan, manage and optimize their people and client engagements effectively, boosting service excellence and profitability.

  • Gain swifter "time to value".
  • Free your project and consulting teams to focus on value and delivery.

IT and Software Consulting firms
in a post-pandemic world

Consulting and project-based firms are currently facing one of the most challenging times in recent history. Your profit margins depend on excellence in project execution and keeping a sharp eye on billable hours.

Conventional, labor-intensive legacy systems and disjointed manual processes no longer meet these needs. So why let them hold you back? And now, with the added complexity of remote working and the increased need from your clients for the right digital investments, it's never been more essential to take control and ensure your business is ready to adapt and scale in an increasingly digital world.

Take control with an integrated suite of finance, HR and planning capabilities built for IT and Software Consulting firms.

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2-3x increased project complexity due to remote working*

*Source: "The Future of the Professional Services Organization", Constellation Research, Oct 2020

75% of organizations are adjusting their IT roadmaps as a result of COVID-19.**

**Source: "COVID-19 Impact on IT Spending Survey", IDC, May 2020

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The New Future of the Services Industry

Constellation Research's report on how 2020’s Global disruption is creating historic opportunities for IT Services companies.

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Service Industry Market Megatrends

Discover the trends shaping tomorrow's IT services industry.


Your New Unit4 People Experience Suite

Put the work that matters front and center and automate the rest. Unleash the true potential within your organization with our people-focused enterprise solutions for IT and Software Consulting firms.

Unit4 - ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning

Improve your people’s daily lives with our suite of fully integrated enterprise applications

Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

Financial Planning & Analysis

Make better business decisions faster and transform performance data into clear and usable insights

Unit4 - Human Capital & Talent Management Software

Human Capital Management

Support, inspire and engage your people with advanced payroll, HR and talent management solutions

Customer Success Stories

Unit4 helps people-focused leaders in professional services around the world innovate through business change.

Smarter operations and decision support

One of the world’s leading enterprise solution providers automated transactions, provided mechanisms of control and risk management to refocus efforts on supporting decision-making.

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Supporting growth and transformation

“We were looking for an agile cloud solution that would deliver a new People Experience and intelligent insights to our teams.”

Kaj Wikström
CFO of Qvantel

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Resource automation and agile operations

The implementation of Unit4 Financials has allowed Ban Leong to remove the need for a top-heavy team structure and to benefit from real-time insights to support ongoing sales and marketing efforts.

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A tech Co. practicing what it preaches

Unit4 has grown rapidly through acquisition, now operating in 28 countries, with more than 40 legal entities and many relying on separate ERP versions that needed to be migrated into one cloud solution.

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