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Human Capital Management Software

Raise your expectations of what Human Capital Management (HCM) software can do for you and your people. Unit4’s solutions are designed to deliver a superior People Experience across your entire organization.

Engage your people

Unit4’s HCM suite helps you optimize your people processes, simplify and increase the accuracy of your payroll, and boost the productivity, engagement and growth of your talent.

Watch our 2-minute explainer video to see how we can help you engage your people and be more of a strategic partner to your business.

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    Unleash talent and strategy with agility

    Plan and adapt your workforce to the new normal

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    Improve employee retention

    Engage your people and increase their lifetime value

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    Accelerate learning

    Develop and grow your workforce’s skills

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    Embrace Flexibility

    Implement best-practices design for your business

Unit4 Human Capital Management Delivers

Unit4 HCM enables you to engage, support and inspire your people through a seamless blend of our advanced Payroll Management system, core HR system and Talent Management software, with easy integration for other essential third-party ecosystem applications.

Core HR

Get rid of administrative burdens with a robust core HR system that includes:

  • Employee management: manage and analyze your workforce with a central control center and database.
  • Absence management: record, monitor and report any type of employees’ absence.
  • Expense management: minimize administration for managers and employees by offering completely self-driving expense entry and automating approval process and expense calculations.
Screenshot illustrating how Unit4 solutions help customers with core HR management


Sync all your HR data with your Payroll Management software, gain agility and manage complex calculations from a single system:

  • Enable better accuracy and less data duplication for more efficient payroll management.
  • Streamline and automate payroll processes so your employees only intervene when needed.
  • Create custom reports using all employee and payroll data, visualize insights and make better-informed decisions.
Screenshot illustrating how Unit4 solutions help customers with payroll management

Talent Management

Enable managers and teams with Talent Management software to boost productivity, engagement, and growth:

  • Manage performance: develop your workforce and build high-performing teams with our performance management tools.
  • Engage employees: understand your employees, easily spot trends, and forecast employee turnover by sending out periodic mini surveys to the organization or specific teams.
  • Learn continuously: develop and grow your workforce, easily build courses, share them with your audience and hand out certificates.
  • Recruit smarter: attract select and hire great talent with a modern talent acquisition suite.
Screenshot illustrating how Unit4 solutions help customers with talent management

Reporting and Analytics

  • Make better-informed people-based decisions, including deployment.
  • Harness analytics purpose built for people-centric organizations, to inform your decisions, so you always have the right people doing the right things to propel your organization forward.
  • Track, manage, and grow your workforce skills and capabilities and prepare your workforce for the future of work.
Screenshot of the People Planning and Analytics module in Unit4 Human Capital Management

Create a better way to work

Unit4’s software-as-a-service platform delivers intelligent enterprise applications on a foundation for your organization to innovate and deliver great experiences. Your people get the flexibility and freedom to have what they need, how, when and where they need it.

  • Swiftly adapt to change with easily reconfigurable tools.

  • Gain smarter workflows by automating back-office tasks and improve employee experience.

  • Interact with your systems via a natural language digital assistant to quickly manage everyday tasks.

  • Optimize decision-making and governance with greater visibility and simplified compliance.


Customer Story: DPD

Discover how Unit4 is helping DPD improve overall happiness by giving all employees a voice, through engagement pulses and conversations.

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