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Unit4 has teams worldwide, delivering a better People Experience for our customers. Here’s what we do in Sweden to support organizations in the business of helping people.

About us

We have many years’ experience of working with people-centered organizations in Sweden, both as an innovative, home-grown success story and as a core part of Unit4’s global organization.

Local Expertise

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    Customer Focus: Training courses

    Competence is not an expense — it is an investment! Get the most out of your Unit4 solutions by helping your people be competent, efficient and satisfied users. Explore our courses for customers in Sweden.

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    Product Focus: Unit4 Property Management

    Our dedicated solution helps real estate companies put people at the heart of tenant management and contract management. Specifically designed to support and streamline your day-to-day processes, it helps you better serve customers—whether tenant, owner or management client.

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    Product Focus: Unit4 MAP Applications

    MAP is a market-leading enterprise software solution for tendering and construction project management. It is used for cost calculation, planning, purchasing and financial control. With MAP you get better profitability in projects and faster information sharing.

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    Product Focus: Unit4 FPM

    Unit4 FPM is a powerful group reporting system that handles legal reporting and business management. It provides a user-friendly solution for consolidation, liquidity planning, reporting and analysis. FPM is used by more than 250 medium and large groups.

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    Industry Focus: Real Estate

    Your business is all about meeting the needs of people. But as you grow, administrative processes can struggle to keep pace and take your teams’ focus away from what matters. Our solutions are purpose-built for your industry, so your professionals can concentrate on delivering great service.

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    Industry Focus: Public Sector – Municipalities

    Our 90 or so municipal customers challenge us to develop every day and draw upon the deep experience of our consultants in this sector. Our unique municipality template — which provides a quick and cost-effective implementation — is a key example of this.

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    Technology Focus: Cloud Migration

    Moving to the Cloud has never been easier! Based on our extensive experience, we’ve developed our Cloud Journey 4U methodology. It ensures that you can get up and running in the Cloud very quickly, giving you complete access to all the latest innovations that Unit4 offers.

Trusted by organizations that serve people

Together with our partners, we serve customers across our region from our offices in Solna and Göteborg delivering software solutions for people- and service-focused organizations that free their people to focus on more meaningful, high-value work.

“‘Business as usual’ is the top priority for any company operating with multiple moving parts and a changing organizational structure… The [Siemens] merger was done surprisingly fast and smoothly… For us it’s not a surprise that Business World [Unit4 ERP] can do this.”

Petter Håkanson Chief Information Officer, Chief Communications Officer and Chief Business Development Officer, Bravida

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Unit4 AB Solna
+46 (0)8-55 333 100
Gustav III:s Boulevard 18



Postal Address:

Unit4 AB. Box 705
169 27 Solna



Unit4 AB Gothenburg
+46 (0)8-55 333 100
Gårdatorget 1
412 50 Göteborg